Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am ruined

Sometimes looking at enough inspiration photos for a project alters your perception beyond repair, images so achingly pretty they snag on your eyelids and reverberate off everything you look at, seep  into words on a page so every A is a majestic igloo rooftop that perpetuates the spell and all letters that follow form a horizon of frosty treetops, backdrop to a faraway land, languid wonder of childhood folktales and fairy tales.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poetry of Criticism

"Baudelaire: Art Critic" by Alfred Werner

This, a million times over.
What I'm struggling with, remember? Because why should the inspiration behind something end with it? Designers can be inspired by words, writers can be inspired by image--there is no reason for walls to be driven between the various art forms, and definitely no reason for a review to be devoid of imagination. Criticism as an art in which the writer looks at the subject to be reviewed and then traces what it stirs in him, without placing borders on where the response to the work takes him, this would be worthwhile and interesting.