Tuesday, March 15, 2011

all i have to do is dream, dream, dream

"Our dreams prove that to imagine--to dream about things that have not happened--is among mankind's deepest needs."
-Milan Kundera

How can anyone say that dreaming and imagination are not important? We must always make time to dream and imagine.

The part of the brain that is active when we imagine color, form, and motion is the same part that is active when we see imagery as it exists before us, and, "in dreaming, the same [brain] regions are active as for waking vision, or hearing, or movements of the limbs" (Richard L. Gregory, "Eye and Brain" pp. 81-82).

Our own anatomy does not discriminate. We would not dream if in doing so we didn't gain something, even if what we gain is simply a grasp on our sanity.

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