Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There was a restless girl

There was a restless girl that one day sat in a rocking chair under a willow tree. Its young, fertile leaves curled in the blushing face of her radiance. They curled a crown around her head, thoroughly transparent save for the thin veins that formed an organic pattern the length of it. Their tresses curled into the earth under her feet. This made her feel cozy so there under that willow she made her home for an eternity. One eternity day, her hair that under the watchful eye of the sun assumed the coloring of seashells in the surf, ascended and descended far enough to unite her corporeal being with the willow. Another, her long, straggly strands galloped up the brown stems and the indistinguishable from them branches before the three began breathing as one. All lingering illusions of time dissolved and scintillating butterflies were born of her pores. Her toenails dug into the cool earth, dusting her skin with brown flecks that like sun rays burned permanent freckles into her flesh. The wood from the rocking chair crumbled into the soil until all around was softness.

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