Saturday, January 28, 2012


“Everyone does what they can to avoid thinking. Laziness is the most basic human trait. People don’t want to think-they can’t make the connection between entertainment and thought. They want immediate kicks. People will not be human until they get pleasure from thought-only a thinking person can be a whole person.”

-Vera Chytilova

Yes. That's why I love what the Russian animator (can't recall his name) said, that rather than lowering his craft to the level of the public, he does good work and forces his audience to rise to the level necessary to understand it. He forces the viewer to think. I don't mean everything you watch or read or listen to needs to be of this quality, but I don't see why so many are vehemently opposed to thinking deeply or caring about things beyond a hearty laugh, when opening yourself to the mysteries of art and life through contemplation is the most true and natural way to euphoria and ecstasy (there is a reason for "the frenzy of poetic inspiration" to be an entry in the latter's dictionary definition). There are better applications of passion than fighting that which will expose you to the beauty of the human experience.

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