Saturday, September 29, 2012

tired tired fingers won't type full sentences so fragments they shall be

i astound, myself: thinking i fall in love with everything; have the capacity to constantly fall fall fall fall in love but now i think, everything i love is something i loved as a little girl. everything i love i used to love. everything that i love i fell for as a child. love is not new; it is not discovered. love is remembering. uncovering what it was you captured with tenderness as a child

nobody dare tell me chasing beauty is frivolous and not worthwhile. what is frivolous about pain? beauty=pain; if you don't believe, look at mcqueen, etc. any great work and tell me i'm not right; there is pain in everything lovely; even childhood bliss is not without pain-time passes so fast, and afterall its just a manmade conception, like chair, or apple-it may as well not exist; instead there is flatness, and what once was will always be; so the child grows and there it is again; pain

inspiration=energy; excitement; that is all
two kinds: 1. that ^ feeling; 2. pretty and worthwhile great things to show others to simulate 1.

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