Tuesday, February 12, 2013

keeper of my soul

"No one who went to an Alexander McQueen catwalk show could ever again have believed that fashion is merely superficial." 
"Even when he became the toast of Paris, surrounded by the trappings of wealth and fame, he could never stop himself from obsessing over the dark side of beauty, like a little boy turning over a ladybird to examine the black and wriggling legs underneath." 
"He was a Brothers Grimm of fashion, enchanting and captivating the ­audience with the most incredibly ­beautiful clothes, only to make their stomachs lurch with the underlying menace that shot through his work."  
"To wear McQueen is to be dressed in hourglass armour. When I interviewed him a few years ago, he told me: 'I grew up with three older sisters, and I saw them go through a lot of shit, I always wanted to be able to protect them.' He did this the best way he knew how. 'They would call me up to their room and I'd help them pick out clothes for work. Just, you know, what skirt with what cardigan, but I was always trying to make them look strong and sheltered.'"
"He loved to describe himself as an anarchist, but when he received his CBE he told his parents that he locked eyes with the Queen and that it was like falling in love." 
"The genius of his clothes lay in his ability to keep the joy and hope symbolised by beauty and perfection in a tantalising equilibrium with the darkness which rumbled beneath."
-Jess Cartner-Morley

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