Friday, February 25, 2011

Whenever you tell me you are unhappy

Whenever we feel small in the eyes of the world. Whenever we feel defeated. Whenever happiness seems inaccessible--a fable, a distant something casting a light display on Earth from its place in a faraway galaxy--I think it worthwhile to simplify everything that we know to only that which existed all along. 

That which is natural: the air--on your cheek--breathing through the vaults in your hair; the sky--the way it bleeds color when the sun maneuvers; the sea--because it always is, will always be there to embrace you; the earth with its trees that sprout from the ground, line up their counterparts, and create refuge when you feel naked. 

That which is crafted not by man's hands but by man's capacity to love: the connection between a mother and her child; a child with his father; a sister; a brother; a pet; strangers that close the distance and love. 

Banks and retailers and corporations were not born, they were fashioned. So it only makes sense that happiness, which will exist as long as there is breathing, must come not from inventions but from all that which would still be if human hands sat idle.

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  1. You are right - the sea will always be there to embrace us. It is, after all, a home beyond a home, a place where a human soul craves to be, a sanctuary of peace. Or, at least, it is so for my soul.


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