Friday, April 22, 2011

Electric Dreams

          I want to have electric dreams, the kind activated by the moment of your eyes sealing. One minute you are a person, complete with a face and torso and all of the necessary appendages; the next you are a mere being, not mere because you hardly matter (you do in this instant more than you ever have), but mere because suddenly, all of the ornaments that gave you weight and kept you on your feet in the face of gravity have dissipated, leaving a mere ball of sensory nerves and a perceptive aperture where your identity used to be. In this state of oblivion you exist, unaware where you begin and where you end. Weightless, you slip like Alice down a tunnel into an intergalactic universe.
          There you wash through century old seas pacified by rhythmic brush strokes, eventually sticking to hydrogen oxide molecules that lift you from the waves into darkness and carry you onto a vast ship. In this ship, you meet creatures, and drift as vapor left to right and back again, imitating the brilliant violet to amber light gradient (a reflection cast by cosmic dust) dancing across the walls behind you. You travel like this for eternity, before waking with sweat beads draped across your forehead like Indian jewelry.

image source: glow in the dark eyes
Watch once without sound:


  1. Oh! This video is SO lovely! Such dreamy...

    Following you now :)


  2. Aw, thank you Marta! I just visited your blog and it has so much beautiful inspiration too. And I love Audrey <3


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