Saturday, May 7, 2011


to be a ripple in the water, transcending physical boundaries by having none. a calm entity without a body, or knowledge of beginning or end. almost like not existing, until all of a sudden you emerge from your hiding place of nothingness with a vengeance, come alive in energetic bursts over what moments prior was a smooth surface; reminded of your being in one instant that, despite its brevity, epitomizes the energy and the ecstasy of being alive. all this life contained within transparent, transcendent ticks in the tranquil water.

to be a ripple, disconnected rings experienced as distinct entities, and yet they are all your own. no body, no overwhelming sense of obligation to feel all at once. i read a story in which a man was held up at gunpoint while working in a magazine stand. he felt no fear, realizing that his life was not exclusive, there are others transpiring that will continue even in the event that his should cease. he imagined dying and then walking off in the body of the assailant, extra money in his pocket. being a ripple would be kind of like that. you are one ring, and yet also the next. you are separate entities coexisting all at once, no one ring taking precedence before another.

and what if i am wrong, and a ripple is merely water's twitch? how would it feel to be omnipresent? does water discern everything that is happening on its sweeping body? every ripple; every wave; every time a ship passes through its dreams, stirring it from slumber; every displaced water molecule, squeezed from the liquid and propelled into the air? wouldn't it be overwhelming? i think it might be the opposite, calming and freeing. with so much constantly happening, you are instead able to tread into grounds of oblivion, justified in selected ignorance.

and what about air? to be a breeze? or twirling fabric that, with no skeleton to enforce order, knows no bounds?

and how would it be to wind and flutter like silk charmeuse underwater, fluid, continuous, and wild?

McQueen, I loved you

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